Ansøgninger og frister

Ansøgninger skal være affattet på engelsk og opfylde følgende krav:

1. All contact with the Board of Directors should be via email. (No applications are to be sent via the mail).
2. All email requests should be sent to Torben Storm Nielsen
3. All application documents should be sent as email attachments .
4. Application emails must be received no later than June 15th for autumn stays and no later than 15.12 for spring stays.
5. All Scan Design Fellowship recipients must have a valid Danish passport.
6. To apply for a scholarship, please send an email to Torben Storm Nielsen, including the following information::
a. Name, age and CV.
b. University
c. Major
d. Reason for choosing university and the United States.
e. Goals for your exchange experience
f. Places you would like to visit while in the United States.
g. Provide a budget.
h. Include a picture
g. Include copy of passport